Chris Christie kicks off week of big political visits in Connecticut

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GROTON--New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie rallied with Connecticut Republicans in Groton on Monday. It was his fourth trip to the state this political season, and he's expected back for a fifth appearance next Monday.

The event, held at the Spot Cafe, centered around the theme of voter turnout.

"Four years ago, 60,000 registered Republicans did not go to the polls. This year, we're all going because we're tired of it," said one speaker, referring to policies implemented by current governor, Dan Malloy.

Heather Somers, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, echoed that message.

"Go out and talk to 10 people you've never talked to about politics before," said Somers, who is the former mayor of Groton. She told attendees to then bring those 10 people with them to the polls.

Christie fired up the crowd of a few hundred with digs at the incumbent in the race.

"Dan Malloy, I hope you are listening, your days are numbered," he said. "If you lie to the people of Connecticut, they should throw you out."

The popular Republican also championed for Tom Foley, who he said is a much-needed change in Connecticut's capital.

"Tom has laid out a direct challenge to Dan Malloy. He's said to him, 'I can succeed. You step aside and I will govern. I will decide and I will be the new governor of Connecticut,'" Christie said.

While the New Jersey governor touted Foley, Malloy supporters taunted Christie from across the street.

"I think Chris Christie is corrupt. I'm shocked Tom Foley would bring Chris Christie, a corrupt politician, into our state. I guess it just shows what kind of governor Tom Foley would be," said Brian Anderson, a Malloy supporter.

Christie brushed off criticism from Democrats and had this message for independents:

Enough of the democratic partisanship here in Connecticut. Let's put a Republican in the governor's office to work with Republican and Democrats in the legislature to fix Connecticut. Connecticut needs to be fixed. Tom Foley has the prescription to fix it.

Christie said he will be campaigning for Republicans in 18 different states in the next eight days.

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