Newington superintendent responds to Halloween controversy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The superintendent of Newington schools sent a letter to parents after reports that the district was “cancelling” Halloween.

Superintendent William Collins wanted to make it clear Newington Schools will continue to recognize holidays, including Halloween.

In a letter to parents, he said part of the problem was how word spread on social media.

There won’t be a costume parade, but the schools will plan a variety of activities having to do with Halloween.

The superintendent also said that costumes do not have a place in school and cannot be worn during the day.

Colllins wrote that it wasn’t until the district began receiving “threatening and hateful phone calls and emails from national extremist groups” that he formed an opinion on Halloween costumes in school.

Read the full letter here.

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  • Concerned Citizen

    So the losers win again. Lets give the AMERICAN kids their Halloween, and let the rest of them sit OUTSIDE with the parents that wont allow any fun. TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!!!

  • jim

    it is a shame that we allow outside interest control our elected officials . we have in the past enjoyed seeing our kids walk through the schools in there costumes there is no harm in it at all . it is bad enough that you cannot visit former teachers without an appointment!!!!!!!! crazy what has our quiet little town turned it to …

  • Scott Greczkowski

    Yesterday on my radio show I got to talk with Governor Malloy and asked him his thoughts on this. He was caught off guard, but this is what he had to say.

    I am guessing that the town of Newington school system had a major reading issue and that starts with Dr. William Collins the Superintendent of School who stated in a two page email sent to parents last night, “There were no policy changes or district directives mandating any changes in the name of “political correctness”.”

    Did he not read the email that was sent out prinicpal of Anna Reynold School which said, “Further, we have a number of families who do not wish to have their children participate in Halloween celebrations. Thus, we either needed to have the children participate in activities that their families did not support, or we needed to exclude them from the activities. For these main reasons, the Newington Public Schools will no longer support Halloween celebrations at the elementary level. ”

    It was sad to see the Superintendent try blaming social media and the media itself for all the hubbub. There would have been none of this uproar if the school system would have let the kindergartners and first graders do as they have done for generations and let them celebrate their day with their costume parade . Enough of political correctness we need to let kids be kids.

    • RedGirl

      You are absolutely right Scott. A few parents don’t want their kids participating, so they cancel it for everyone. Yea, that’s fair. I would have told them too bad. This has been going on for generations and now you expect it to be cancelled because you don’t want your kids participating? Talk about selfish. The town was probably afraid if they didn’t cancel it, these parents would sue and the wonderful ACLU would get involved. God forbid someone get “offended”. It’s actions like this and political correctness that are dividing us more than bringing us together. And it always seems to be liberals who get “offended” the most. The more liberal our country gets, the more you see the worst in people. Twenty or thirty years ago, this would never have happened. Wouldn’t have even been thought of. If I didn’t have family in this state, I’d be out of here in a minute. I’m so thankful I don’t have kids in the public education system. I can only imagine what they’re being told and taught.

  • Inside interest

    School is for learning. Superindentent Collins shows leadership. I work in the schools and see how Halloween is not as benign as you may think. I have seen preschools cry when scary music is played or when the manipulative involve ghost, bats and witches. The rooms are decorated more each year with more than pumpkins. This celebration is not one day or a week, it’s at least three weeks. October starts off with a Fall theme with great lessons teaching to the change of season. The second week starts with the decorations and the work centered around Halloween. (Witches brew, songs to scare etc). There is no instruction to the origin of Halloween and why it is celebrated. I don’t think most people know why and what each part represents. Just because something was celebrated for generations doesn’t legitimize it. (Women’s rights, slavery to name a few). We want our children to be critic le learner and that involves understanding why we celebrate each holiday. Do we want a generation of students who celebrate Fourth of July for the fireworks with no interest in understanding the sacrifice that was made? I am not affiliated with any group I see what it looks like in school and I support the superintendents decision to be balanced. Kids today have more thrown on them then any other generations. I am an inside interest wanting more for our students.

    • Scott Greczkowski

      According to the teachers I have talked to about this, they tell me that their studients perform BETTER when they have special treats like this as they want to get their work done so they can participate in the end of day activity.

      We need to let our kids LEARN to be kids. The schools are taking their childhoods away from them. My 11 year old comes home at night and it takes him over 4 hours just to do his math homework due to this “New Math” which is required under the new “Common Core” system.

      What we have here are kids in Kindergarden and First Grade, let them be kids and do their annual parade at the end of the day.