Sea turtles return home to the ocean

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UPDATE: Chance went home Wednesday morning off the coast of North Carolina.

One of Mystic Aquarium’s cutest attractions is going home.

“Chance,” a Loggerhead sea turtle, is scheduled to be set free next Wednesday off the coast of North Carolina. Chance has grown over the course of a year from a hatchling to a size big enough to give the turtle a better chance at surviving at sea.

The excitement comes as some disturbing discoveries have been made this month along the coast of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Fisher’s Island, New York.

The aquarium said it usually finds a couple of sea turtles washed up dead this time of year, but this year they've found more than 10 dead Loggerheads.

The cause of death is a mystery. The usual suspects are boat strikes, entanglements, or something that the turtle ate.

"With the Loggerheads, in particular, they're very, very curious animals, as are all the other sea turtle species, so if they find a balloon floating around in the ocean, they will at times ingest that," Janelle Schuh, Mystic Aquarium's stranding coordinator, said.

Ocean trash will be on display, starting this weekend, in a unique art exhibit. The pieces are made entirely of marine debris. The Washed Ashore Exhibit is intended to show people how devastating and deadly trash can be to sea life.

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