Michelle Obama campaigns for Malloy in New Haven

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NEW HAVEN–With the most recent poll showing Connecticut’s gubernatorial race as tight as it was four years ago, Connecticut’s incumbent governor,  Dannel P. Malloy, is taking no chances.

Thursday afternoon, just five days before election day, first lady Michelle Obama spoke on Malloy’s behalf at a rally in the gym at New Haven’s Wilbur Cross High School.

Before she spoke, Gov. Malloy said that not many people know of the affection he and his wife have for Mrs. Obama. In fact, he said, it is her passion toward veterans that inspired him to enact a plan that will guarantee Connecticut has no homeless veterans by the end of 2015.

Mrs. Obama's most important message Thursday was encouraging voters to make their voices heard. She told them that if they didn't get out and vote next Tuesday they won't like what they're going to see. Among the changes, she contends, will be drastic cuts to school funding and "folks interfering in women's private decisions about our bodies and our healthcare. We will see more special breaks for those at the top, instead of for hard-working folks."

Longtime-Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) told the crowd that this governor's race is at a critical juncture. She described it as game seven of the World Series.

United States Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) told the charged up crowd of over 2,400 that while Tom Foley may have tens of millions of dollars, Democrats will be the ones with tons of voters on Tuesday.

When one person in the crowd yelled out "Tom Phony," Lt. Gov.  Nancy Wyman said, "Call him whatever you want." Of course, that drew hearty applause and boos.

Connecticut's senior United States Senator, Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), told the crowd that Malloy has kept his promises during his first term. Blumenthal said Malloy promised more jobs, less crime and help for veterans. Then Blumenthal asked voters to promise to get to the polls on Tuesday.

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