State Senator who has brain injury still on ballot five days before election

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STONINGTON--Just five days from Election Day voters in the Stonington area are faced with a difficult choice between two candidates who have both been virtually non-existent.

A debate scheduled for Thursday evening between the candidates for the state Senate District 18 was cancelled because the incumbent, state Sen. Andrew Maynard, is still recovering from a serious brain injury.

Earlier this month, Maynard's family announced that he would continue running for reelection in Senate District 18 despite physical challenges from falling down a flight of stairs in July. A statement from his family explained that he suffers from speech delays and is working on increasing his cognition, but that may recover before the next legislative session.

“It is our genuine belief that given the progress over the last two months Andrew will be ready to serve when the session begins,” the statement read.

Maynard’s Republican opponent, Kevin Trejo, decided not to form a campaign and has avoided on-camera interviews out of respect for Maynard’s condition.

“I found it to be in poor taste to start talking about issues when he can't respond back. I also feel it would turn many voters off,” Trejo said in an email on Thursday.

The situation is befuddling to some citizens who will soon vote despite an empty race.

"It sounds like he thinks he's going to be able to do his job. So, yeah, I will probably support him even though I do have to give it some more thought,” Mystic resident Mike Pilo said of the Maynard situation.

When asked for comment from the Maynard family, state Democrats pointed us to the family’s statement from a few weeks ago:

Based on the input from his medical staff, we continue to be optimistic about his ability to achieve a full recovery. Given the timing of his accident and the upcoming election, however, it is also important that we temper our optimism, particularly in light of the needs of voters in his district to make a fully informed choice on Nov. 4.

If Maynard wins reelection but is unable to serve, a special election will be held.

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