Windsor Police step up patrol presence on Halloween to prevent “Purge” plan

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WINDSOR--It’s a Hollywood thriller featuring crime and killing, with people dressed up in masks creating terror throughout the night. Now police say local teens talked about taking the script to the streets.

The Windsor Police Department says they are being extra vigilant this Halloween after rumors of a plan to act out events from the horror movie "The Purge."

In the movie, there is a 12-hour window when lawlessness is permitted with no consequences. Police say vandalism  and criminality are possibilities. The department worked with school officials in town to send out a notice to kids and parents about the issue.

Police Capt. Tom Lepore said the department caught wind of the possible scheme a few days ago. Kids in town had been spreading the rumors on social media. "Someone could get seriously injured and we're trying to avoid that,” said LePore.

Police told the students suspected of planning the “purge” to think twice. "Some of the kids have made comments about having BB guns and paintball guns,” said LePore.

the purge poster

Students that Fox CT spoke with say they've seen postings about the plan on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook for the past couple weeks, and they're concerned that, despite the warnings from police, innocent trick-or-treaters could be caught up in the plan if it's still carried out.

"I heard about it a lot the past 2 weeks,” said Windsor student Shaun Hunter.

Amani Levitan was walking with friends from school Friday who all said they heard about the “Purge” idea at school. "It's like a lot of little kids around just trying to go and have fun and you have that in your mind--I just feel like it's wrong,” said Levitan.

It is wrong and police said anyone caught in the act will be arrested and face expulsion from school. "This is highly illegal and we have extra officers out around town tonight patrolling the neighborhoods,” said LePore.

Meanwhile, moms like Ayana Taylor were just hoping the plan didn't play out. "Things have happened and you want to take it seriously,” said Windsor mom, Ayana Taylor.

Taylor received an automated phone call Friday from her child’s school. "They want us on heightened alert and if you're going to have your children out, be out with them,” said Taylor.

“ (It’s)… Very scary but Windsor is a tight community. If we all just band together, it should be fine."

The department will have additional officers on patrol Friday night, but Lepore insists the town will be safe and people don't need to be concerned. The increased presence is just an extra precaution.

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