‘Hell’s Kitchen’ has its first ever dog show

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

4708225_GThe contestants on Hell’s Kitchen have been through it all, but on Wednesday, Nov. 5, Gordon Ramsay is putting forth a brand new type of challenge: the first-ever Hell’s Kitchen Dog Show.

For this challenge, each team member is tasked with preparing a tasting menu for a Best in Show competition with the American Kennel Club.  The dog dishes will be scored by some of the top gourmet dog food chefs, Douglas Keane of Green Dog Rescue Project and Neal Fraser, owner of Fritzi Dog, in addition to guest judges.

The top scoring dishes will be featured at the first ever Hell’s Kitchen Dog Show.

The team with the highest score will win a trip to San Diego’s SeaWorld  and an exclusive dinner with Searsucker Chef and owner Brian Malarkey, while the losing team will stay behind to groom the dogs before their big show and their gourmet post-show dinner service.

It will be a great nights for the pups, but perhaps not so much for the losing team.  Watch Hell’s Kitchen Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on FoxCT.

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  • Elaine Walls

    Promoting the continued animal cruelty at SeaWorld is a disgrace! These innocent animals deserve to be in the oceans, not in tiny pools. Do you even know the sirdid history that lies behind the glitz and glamor of SeaWorld? It is a vile and evil truth. Intelligent and social animals stolen from their families. Read “Death at SeaWorld” or watch “The Cove”. Then tell me your dah of pleasure is worth the price these creatures have paid!

  • Michelle K

    The animals at SeaWorld know all about hell: They live it every day of their lives. Torn away from their families, put in chemical-laden water that irritates their skin and eyes, confined in tiny concrete pools in which their sonar bounces off the walls and they go crazy from the stress of confinement and begin to attack each other, and starved to force them to learn confusing and meaningless tricks for dead fish, these animals know nothing but hell. Shame on Gordon Ramsay for promoting this marine mammal ABUSEment park.

  • Suzy

    Are you people insane. How cruel can you be. These more creatures weigh over 2 tons and swim in toilet bowls
    Poor Lolita was ripped from her family 44 years ago and still a clown that does tricks for the morons that pay to sit in the stands. Does it matter that a an Orca in the wild swims thousands of miles every year with their families. The owners of these sea parks need to get these mammals out of these disgusting tanks now. How much money does one human being need. It’s time to EMPTY THE TANKS NOW!! People teach your children compassion.

  • catherine falsay

    Gordon Ramsay, has your American fame gone to your head!! Watch blackfish and award winning documentary The cove, before you start handing out tickets for seaworld.Your fellow Brits held a demonstration outside the Japanese embassey today to protest against the barbaric taiji dolphin drives. Your smart enough to find out the association between marine parks and dolphin drive hunts in taiji. No more seaworld tickets please!!!

  • Jennifer

    A tripe to SeaWorld is hardly a reqard, when you walk out with the blood of thousands of innocent dolphins slaughtered in Taiji Japan. Watch The Cove, watch Blackfish, then see if you still want to go to SeaWorld, or any abusement park. Take five minutes and visit The Dolphin Project or Sea Shepard Cove Guardians. Shocked? You should be!