GM entices drivers with gift card to fix recalled vehicles

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MIDDLETOWN — Get your recalled vehicle repaired and get a gift card.

That is the message by General Motors to car owners of the faulty ignition switch.

Thursday the company announced the extension of the free repair to January 1. GM extended the deadline by one month because of the serious nature of this defect.

Earlier in the week the company also announced a $25 gift card to owners who haven’t yet brought their vehicle in to get fixed as a way of enticing them to do so. Drivers can select from either Amazon, AMC Movie Theaters, Applebee’s, Bass Pro Shops, Red Robin, Starbucks and Walt Mart.

Tamera Jackson, the owner of Jackson Chervrolet, said, “It’ll get mailed to them, they have their choice between a few different vendors, which include things like Starbucks, Applebees, Walmart.”

The recall was initially announced in February. It impacted 2.6 million cars and involves a faulty ignition switch.

GM warned driers the keys for the car could shift into the accessory position, turning off the car while driving and shutting off important functions like brakes, steering and airbags while the car is running.

The defect is tied to the deaths of at least 30 people and recently a Chevrolet Cobalt fatal crash in New York has been attributed by some to the ignition switch defect.

Only about half of the 2.6 million cars have been repaired not only leaving drivers at risk of injury or death but also passengers and other drivers on the road.

Initially some of the delay in fixing vehicles was due to inadequate supply of replacement parts but general motors says now they have more than enough parts to get the job done.

This is why GM is highly encouraging drivers to get their car fixed.

They are sending out letters to owners of the recalled vehicles which include:

  • Cobalt 2005-2010
  • Chevrolet HHR 2006-2011
  • Pontiac G5 2007-2010
  • Pontiac Solstice 2006-2010
  • Saturn Ion 2003-2007
  • Saturn Sky 2007-2010

To urge drivers to bring in their vehicle for a free repair Senator Blumenthal will be holding a press conference Friday afternoon at Jackson Chevrolet in Middletown.

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