Cold Case: Janet Couture

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

East Hartford Unsolved Murder
Date:   October , 1973
Location:  150 Cannon Road, East Hartford 2nd Floor Apartment
Mayberry Village

Time Discovered: 0730 Hours
Cause Of Death: Multiple Stab Wounds
Manner Of Death: Homicide
Victim:   Janet Couture 6-11-1952 21 Years Old

 By: Christopher J. Lyons

This murder case is 40 years old and is still an active case being investigated by East Hartford Police. A new effort into the solving of this case began in 2009 with re-examination of the evidence seized on the date of the murder.

The victim was found by East Hartford Police after receipt of a complaint of a possible murder. Police found the victim dead in her apartment in a pool of her own blood,  naked with her hands bound behind her back with her head covered with a pillow case. The victim was stabbed multiple times with a large kitchen knife and the knife was found protruding from her chest. East Hartford Police secured the scene, collected evidence and the victim was taken to Manchester Memorial Hospital for autopsy.

In the investigation, East Hartford Police interviewed dozens of people who knew Couture, including friends, neighbors, boyfriends and others. Several persons of interest were identified in 1973, but the case stalled and no arrests were made.

In the investigation, it was learned that Couture’s purse was recovered near 142 Cannon Road, East Hartford. A newly acquired ring that she showed to friends was not on her hand when she was discovered dead and was not in the purse. In 2009 the East Hartford Police took another look at the unsolved murder. New detectives and fresh sets of eyes to look at what had been accomplished in 1973 in the initial investigation. The initial reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of her killer/s was $3,000 dollars,it was later raised to $20,000 dollars and in 2009 was increased to $50,000 dollars. The case of the murder of Janet Couture is depicted at the Jack of Diamonds in the second edition of the Cold Case Deck of cards distributed by the department of corrections.

Her family has lived with this terrible crime since 1973 and its time to solve it. East Hartford Police need the assistance of the Public in the solving of this crime and anyone with information regarding the murder of Janet Couture is asked to contact the East Hartford Police Department.

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