Taylor Swift shows up at Starbucks in North Haven

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NORTH HAVEN--These girls are going to have some trouble shaking it off after their encounter with a famous pop star Thursday afternoon.

One of the girls in the photo, Nicole Giuliani, was quite excited to meet Taylor Swift, and even asked her to her sorority's semi-formal dance.

Her friend, Kathleen Barry, was also excited about the interaction. "She was really friendly to everyone. I mean, it must be kind of annoying to go to the bathroom and have everyone take pictures of you, but she was really nice to everyone!"

Her appearance at Starbucks, which lasted about 10 minutes, caused quite a stir on Twitter, with many people tweeting pictures of the star. One of the location's baristas, Gia Rosarbo, was on break when Taylor walked in. She didn't just get a selfie, she also got a hug!

Michael Dionne, who was the manager on shift during Taylor's stop, said, "I noticed a few bodyguards, they were blocking off the bathroom and  some girl in a hoodie came through and one of my coworkers recognized her as Taylor Swift." He also said that sales stayed strong for several hours as fans came trying to catch a glimpse.

It appears the reason Swift was in Connecticut was to meet a little boy named Leyton. Leyton's mother wrote on her Tumblr "I AM NOT ALIVE. Let the gross sobbing begin. Thank thank thank you Taylor for visiting Leyton. I can't even put into words how amazing you are and can never repay you. Leyton will remember this and his awesome gifts forever. We all love you so much and I'm so glad he thanked you with this epic kiss."

According to the post, Swift gave the boy the mini car and a helmet, pictured here:

Here is some more background information from the woman, who also says she had no idea that Taylor was coming to visit:

OH and to those asking no I had NO IDEA she was going to show up! I work from home nannying my friend’s son. She had the day off and my husband was home today and so we were all hanging out and they were helping me do my Fall cleaning AND SHE JUST KNOCKS ON MY DOOR because she couldn’t figure out how to ship the car to him so she wanted to bring it to him and…actual angel, Taylor Swift ladies and gentleman.

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