Police comb streets for clues in Danbury deadly hit-and-run

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DANBURY--The search continues for the hit-and-run driver who killed 23-year-old Rachel Sack, a mother of a two-month-old son.

On Friday night Danbury Police canvassed the intersection of South Street and Great Pasture Road, passing out flyers as cars drove by the site where Sack was struck after a night out with friends last weekend.

Police printed details about the fatal crash in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

“[To] make sure the public is aware and if they have any information to bring to us, we'd really appreciate if they contacted us on it,” said Sgt. Rory DeRocco of Danbury Police.

Right now the only strong tip police have is what they’re calling “a vehicle of interest,” a white van with a ladder rack that was captured on surveillance video from a nearby business. Investigators paid special attention to those types of vans during their stake out.

“I know that it was traveling southbound on South Street the night the incident occurred,” he said. “You know, it's definitely a vehicle of interest and I'm sure the operator will have some information to shed light on this.”

“I've put pictures of the vehicle of interest also on those reward signs,” said Stephanie Ewud, Sack’s best friend, who said she put up signs made by Sack’s co-workers all over Danbury’s Main Street. Those flyers were also printed in three languages.

“Hitting bus stops and telephone poles and some businesses, hanging those up, in hopes that somebody of a different culture might be, might know answers or might recognize the vehicle,” she said.

Ewud said the focus now is justice, but it’ll eventually be forgiveness. “She believes Rachel has already forgiven the person who has done this to her and the family eventually wants to forgive the person as well,” said Ewud, speaking about Sack’s sister.

Police said they’re using every resource they can to make an arrest and that this case is a top priority.

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