Bill Cosby sentenced for sexual assault

High school quarterback races into the stands… but what he does next will give you the chills

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HIGHLAND SPRINGS, Va. — There is nothing quite like the love shared between a mother and son.

Following Friday’s playoff win, Highland Springs High School quarterback Juwan Carter jumped the fence from the field to the stands, ran up the bleachers and gave his mother a big hug. Video of the emotional moment was posted on Facebook where it has been shared and viewed thousands of times, family members said.

“Family is everything to me – the connection, the unity and especially the love,” Juwan’s mother Sherida Page said about the bond with her sons Juwan and Jalen. “My parents instilled this in me and that’s how I raised my boys.”

Page’s 15-year-old son Juwan helped lead the Highland Springs Springers to a perfect 10-0 regular season and one playoff win, so far.

“Each game I am nervous for Juwan. He is 15 years old; a sophomore and a starting varsity quarterback,” she said. “Being a quarterback is a big responsibility, but a greater responsibility for someone as young as my son. I am so proud of the entire organization.”

For Page, Friday night football is much more than blocking and tackling.

“It makes me proud to see my family supporting him each Friday night,” she said. “To see the spectators cheering him by name left me emotional and speechless.”

She said the “brotherly hug” her sons shared, before Juwan jumped into the stands, brought her to tears.

“Both of my sons are special,” she said. “They have given me no trouble – in or out of school and have only shown love, support and respect towards me. What more could I ask?”

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