UConn Law professor and lawyer among 6 men arrested in prostitution sting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SOUTHINGTON–The Southington Police Department arrested six men on Friday, Nov. 14 after an undercover prostitution operation that was planned after numerous reports of prostitutes actively working at several motels in the area.

An officer posed as a prostitute and responded to numerous requests for sexual activity in exchange for money. The officer arranged to meet at a local motel room, and the suspects who showed up were arrested and charged with patronizing a prostitute.

The six men who were arrested include Lukasz Kaziul, 31, of Southington; Paolo Mazzicato, 40, of Avon; Ronald Murphy, 56, of Farmington; Paul Tommasino, 54, of Meriden; Dana Layton, 59, of Union City, California; and David Tonseth, 58, of Marlborough, New Hampshire.

Ronald Murphy was also charged with interfering with a police officer. Murphy is a prominent trial lawyer who is bar certified in Connecticut and Massachusetts. He owns his own firm, Advocates Law Firm, which defends victims of accidents and malpractice, as well as those accused of criminal or professional misconduct.

Murphy is also an adjunct instructor at UConn Law, where he is teaching trial advocacy this term, according to the UConn course catalog. The Hartford Courant also reported that Murphy testified in the Michael Skakel habeas corpus trial last year.

According to a profile of Murphy on Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute, which keeps profiles of barred lawyers across the United States, Murphy has taught at UConn Law, his alma matter, since 2005. According to Transparency.CT.gov, Murphy¬†earned $1,618.66 in his role at UConn during fiscal year 2013. He earned the same amount, give or take $1, for fiscal years 2012, 2011 and 2010.

Below is a gallery of the other suspects who were arrested during the operation.

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  • john

    wow the Mozzicato’s must have a lot of pull in Hartford for Paolo Mozzicato not being featured more prominently in this article. Mr Mozzicato had run for Hartford city council stating he would clean up the city. He’s married live in a mansion in Avon but figures it is ok to victimize women and come to Southington rather than keep it in his tony neighborhood. his poor wife.

    • Valentino

      Yeah it is okay to victimize whores!!!!!! If these idiots want sex and these whores set a price it’s a mutual agreement where are any whores(prostitute) woman victims?????? Both parties agree????? You must be another nerd candy azz who lives in a bubble or you go to church every Sunday like a good little boy awhhh let pigs be pigs referring to prostitutes and let the men who support that kind of behavior let them be men WHO CARES!!!!!! It doesn’t affect me or my lifestyle.

      • john

        Pretty sure Mr Mozzicatos wife feels like a victim. And Valentino sure sounds like you’ve patronized your fair share of prostitutes with that attitude towards women. Trust me these girls kick their money up to the same drug dealers and criminals that you refer to their pimps. Their are criminals Involved ever hear of human trafficing. These criminals make money off of these girls while girls see next to nothing they are beaten drugged and sometimes forced into this way of life through violence and intimidation. Hope to god you don’t have a daughter Valentino shame on you also. Their are criminals behind this and victims and Mr Mozzicato and the rest of these losers are criminals also. Hope his wife runs to get checked for std’s

  • Valentino

    Big Deal where worried about a group of men looking to get laid and grab a blow-jobs from whores WHO CARES!!!!! Why doesn’t the police worry about getting real criminals like the trashy ghetto drug dealers never mind the white folks looking to get blow-jobs worry about the wanna be gang bangers the Blacks , Puerto Ricans they are the problems in all our major cities with drugs and crime.

    • KC

      Valentino, you sound angry at the wrong person. The cops in Southington obviously have too much time on their hands. Who cares what people do behind closed doors? But please don’t call whores “pigs”. You sound like a misogynist. Some women work as sex workers due to the struggling economy and some do it because that’s all they know. Sex work pays a lot more than being a cashier at McDonalds.

  • Kent

    You can have sex with anyone you want over 18 years old so long as no money changes hands. Police should go out and beat some innocent children and leave lonely men looking for sex alone.