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Connecticut ‘Masterchef Junior’ contestants continue to impress

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Gordon Ramsay and his mother, last night's special guest star, watch Oona preparing her Shepherd's Pie dish.

Gordon Ramsay and his mother, last night’s special guest star, watch Oona preparing her Shepherd’s Pie dish.

The competition has been heating up in the second season of Masterchef: Junior Edition, and the two Connecticut contestants, Oona, 9, of New Haven and Adaiah, 12, of Danbury, are proving to be forces to be reckoned with.  In fact, they are now two of only three female contestants left on the show and Oona is considered to be a front runner to win the entire competition.

However, last night’s episode proved unusually tough for Oona, who struggled through both the three-legged mystery box challenge, and the elevated shepherd’s pie challenge.  Her cupcake creation, baked alongside Josh to whom she was tethered, was considered way too creative (a bacon maple syrup cupcake) and her curry shepherd’s pie, cooked with beef and Italian sausage, was criticized by the judges on both presentation and taste.

Graham Elliot shows Adaiah a cooking trick while she prepares her Shepherd's Pie dish.

Graham Elliot shows Adaiah a cooking trick while she prepares her Shepherd’s Pie dish.

Adaiah, on the other hand, impressed the judges for the second week in a row.  While she didn’t win the cupcake challenge with her orange honey blossom and vanilla with raspberry creation, cooked with Sam, the judges listed her shepherd’s pie, cooked Napoleon style with pear-pea and pepper sauce, as one of two standout dishes for the night.

Oona ended up in the bottom three, but was saved, possibly due to her previous standout creations.

All in all, the Connecticut contestants are proving to be more than worthy adversaries, and it seems a strong possibility that Masterchef: Junior Edition will feature a winner from the Nutmeg State.

Watch Masterchef: Junior Edition Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on FoxCT.

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1 Comment

  • Jan

    Oona really stands out, she seems to have quite the personality and I’m impressed at the maturity she’s shown. The level she’s cooking at is quite an achievement. I hope she goes far in the competition. Gordon Ramsay seems to have a weak spot for her.

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