Cold Case: Alvin Moody

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Hartford Police Unsolved Murder
The Murder Of Alvin Moody
Date:   June 27Th, 1994 Over 20 Years Old
Time:   0435 Hours
Location:  122 Vine Street, Hartford 1St Floor. This Location Is A Three Family Home.
Type Of Crime:  Home Invasion Followed By Shooting And Murder
Cause Of Death: Gunshot Wound To The Head
Manner Of Death: Homicide
Victim:   Mr. Alvin Moody—8-6-1922 71 Years Old On Date Of Murder

By Christopher J. Lyons

June 27th, 1994  a little after 4 am,  Hartford Police were assisting the Hartford Fire Department at an active fire in the area of Vine Street. HPD was performing traffic and crowd control. At approximately 0435 hours a female ran toward police  yelling and screaming that there was a man with a gun at the address of 122 Vine Street and that someone had been shot.

The woman  told police that she and her friend, Alvin Moody, were watching the activity of the fire scene from inside of their apartment when a young black male burst into the apartment demanding money.  This make brandished a firearm at her and continued to demand money from her. She fled the apartment, heard a gunshot and ran right toward Hartford Police.

Upon getting this information police went to the scene and found the front and back door locked. Based on the information of an armed man and a possible gunshot victim inside, police forced their way into the apartment and made a terrible discovery. Police located an elderly male later identified as Alvin Moody, age 71 lying dead on his back on the floor near his front apartment door. Mr. Moody had been shot over the left eyebrow and the immediate area of where he was found had blood spatter on the wall and door jamb. Police found two 380 shell casings inside of the apartment.

The witness continued to provide information to police and provided a suspect description to them on scene. She stated that the suspect was a young black male in his late teens or early 20’s. This male had a silver handgun in his possession and threatened her with it before she fled the apartment.  She described him as wearing a yellow/beige shirt with matching pants and described him as having no facial hair, a smooth looking complexion and braided hair straight back.

Moody owned the multi-family house and collected rent from the tenants upstairs. He may have been a bootlegger which would make a criminal believe that he had money in the house. As police secured the crime scene and looked for evidence they found a lot of money concealed in a box in his bedroom.   The killer missed that after the shooting and fled the address on foot.

This murder is over 20 years old, Alvin Moody was a 71 year old senior citizen who had very minor criminal activity, and was noton police radar. He was the victim of a home invasion and his death deserves justice. Please contact HPD with any information that you may have.

Hartford Police (860) 757-4000

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1 Comment

  • Stephanee Beaulieu

    Alvin moody who was murdered is my childrens grandfather and it is a tragedy that he died.
    I would like to suggest that his name be put on the cold case playing cards !I feel he deserves that and the hartford crime division would get a lot of tips on his murder.
    I am praying for justice!
    My daughter is a cold case on the playing cards, also
    Sara palenza
    She was murdered on Albany ave & garden st
    In hartford .