Man arrested after failing to present a pistol permit to police

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Courtesy: Hartford Police Department

HARTFORD- Police arrested a man who reportedly failed to present a Connecticut pistol permit after a firearm was found in his vehicle on Saturday evening.

Hartford police say it all happened when officers from the South Conditions Unit were conducting a motor vehicle stop in the area of 1 Julius Street around 9:20 p.m.

According to the press release, officers allege the suspect tried to conceal an unknown item under the drivers seat of the vehicle. When the suspect stepped out of the vehicle officers say they found a firearm beneath the drivers seat.

Authorities say the suspect identified as Xavier Cruz-Echevarria, 22, of Hartford, was arrested after he failed to present a Connecticut pistol permit.

The firearm was described as a Silver, Beretta Model 96/40 caliber firearm containing seven live 40 caliber rounds.

Cruz-Echevarria faces numerous charges and his bond was set at $350,000.


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    • Ken D

      Nice twist FOX. This headline is a bit misleading. This guy was not licensed to carry period. This was illegal posession of a firearm, not to mention his rap sheet and the unusual bail amount.

  • George Progunguy

    Just another criminal doing what criminals do, breaking the law, why cant Fox point that out in the headline? Here, Ill help you… “Dirtbag found illegally in possession of a firearm, firearm most likely stolen” film at 11…. there, you can use that, it has more truth to it than yours.

  • Goldcoaster

    Wait a minute, didn’t danny malloys law get passed that promised to stop all these felons with guns from operating in the state? What gives?

  • james

    Carrying a pistol without a permit isn’t necessarily a crime. The law doesn’t required a pistol permit holder to produce a pistol permit when no crime is being committed. There is a 75 dollar fine for a pistol permit holder who is carrying but forgot their permit.

    This article makes an alot of assumptions and omits alot of facts. What was the reason for the stop? For searching the car? Was this guy a permit holder?

    This is some sloppy reporting.

  • mike

    Terrible reporting.
    Blatant lying for headline news.
    Not having your permit on you is a infraction and you dont get arrested for that. A lot more to the story.
    But gotta love how you try to twist the facts to make it seem like it is a responsible gun owner.
    I would expect this tactic from CNN not fox.

  • Bob Harris

    The title of this is incorrect and misleading. In CT a permit is required to purchase firearms and carry off of a place of business. So this person it could be surmised had an illegally possessed handgun, not a permit left at home or something.

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