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Fox’s Cause for Paws: An All-Star Dog Spectacular

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This Thanksgiving night, at 8 p.m., Hilary Swank and Jane Lynch are co-hosting “Fox’s Cause for Paws: An All-Star Dog Spectacular”, a one-of-a-kind event celebrating man’s best friend, produced by Michael Levitt Productions.

Settle down in front of your television to watch this entertaining and lively celebration of rescue dogs from basset hounds to boxers, pugs to pomeranians, and puppies to seniors.  Delight in the inspiring and often hilarious tales of rescue dogs, enjoy the musical tributes to superhero canines, and honor the people who have dedicated their lives to rescuing animals in need.

Throughout the special, celebrities, including Scarlett Johansson, Josh Duhamel, Miranda Lambert, Kristen Bell, Fergie, Paula Abdul, Betty White, LeAnn Rimes, Kesha and Carrie Ann Inaba, will introduce the audience to different rescue dogs, giving viewers the opportunity to foster or adopt a new best friend. This special is aimed at promoting awareness of many dog-related issues and topics to encourage people to choose to adopt one of the more than eight million rescue animals currently in the U.S. shelter system, patiently waiting to become part of a loving family in a forever home. With millions of dogs left behind in animal shelters nationally, your new best friend could be waiting for you.

The special will also include awards and celebrity presentations showcasing a variety of canine categories, including Cutest Puppy, Best Celebrity/Dog Lookalike, Guiltiest Dog, Best Licker, Smartest Dog and Best Viral Dog Video.

swank“I have long been an advocate for animal adoption and know first-hand the immense joy a shelter animal brings to our lives,” said executive producer and co-host Hilary Swank. “Yet, every year more than four million animals are euthanized because of overcrowding in shelters. We are so fortunate to have an animal advocate in the FOX network that not only sees the need for more awareness surrounding this issue, but is willing to set aside a two-hour block for this important cause. This partnership will change the path of a soul for thousands of animals looking for their forever home.”

“We’ve seen the entertainment industry come together for so many worthwhile causes benefiting people, now it’s time for them to rally for man’s best friend.  It warms my heart that so many animal loving celebrities are stepping up in support of all the beautiful souls that need us to be their voice,” said executive producer Michael Levitt. “This is our big opportunity to change the misperception of shelter animals and show the world that rescuing a dog is always the way to go.”

Don’t forget to watch this All-Star Dog Spectacular this Thanksgiving evening.  You are sure to entertained and delighted, and you may even spot your new forever friend, eagerly waiting for you to take him/her home.

Saw a puppy you’d like to adopt?  Click here for the Fox Cause for Paws Adoption Process!

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  • randy nikoden

    I love basset hounds, especially males, I have one now 6 years old have a nice fenced in yard and live in st Petersburg florida. I think a playmate would do him well. where can I get a photo of your basset hounds for adoption.

  • kimberly medrano

    I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE THIS!! I hope this will go to Telethon levrl!! This is the most AMAZING thing!! As a rescuer, transporter, foster and advocate…we should have done this years ago!! This is phenomenal and I’ve cried through the whole thing!! Kudos to ever put this together and thank you celebs..for getting us heard!!

    • MEJ

      I hope Fox News will report (or post to their site) how many of the featured dogs found homes. Ivy was adorable, but my hubby and I fell in love with Frankie. You never know what a puppy will develop into (plus they are a lot more work), but with an older dog, there are no surprises–what you see is what you get, and they seem so much more appreciative! Also, I have fostered not one but THREE dogs with missing legs. They do just fine, so long as you keep the weight off.

  • eddie

    my favorite pets are dogs i’ve lost 3 dogs , 1st was a dashhound named clyde a male clyde was accidently bumped down a flight of stairs and coukd not be saved.he was laid to rest .2nd dog scooter he was a dog that always was on guard in every situation , but one thing about him he was to protective scooter was protecting his doggy dish one day and my granddaughter was walking by and he attacked her and really bad, i decided to put scooter in a different place . scooter is in heaven and doing well .our 3rd dog was chewy and he was alovable irish setter mixed w chow he decided to take a walk across the street this year and got ran we have 1 left her name is annie and she is lonely .

    • Kathy

      Geez Eddie- You failed all of your dogs! If you knew he had aggression issues why on Earth would you even let him eat where someone could get attacked???? And why was your dog able to get in the street? Fell down a flight of stairs? Wowie. I know accidents happen but come on now. Perhaps a cat would be better? I wouldn’t adopt a dog out to you. I’m sorry. Just being honest here!!

  • mariana sanchez

    Oh my god I am seriously crying cause it is thanksgiving day/night and my nfamily and I prayed for every thing and I am watching the show right now and I seriously cried so bad cause I am such a big dog lover i already have three dogs with me right now and I have two other ones in new york and I am planing on making a difference by helping the dogs in need for a home I will pray for every dog in the world thank you for everything that you guys do I will support you in every thing that you thank you again so much.

  • Betty Marie

    Would love to give my heart to a rescue dog, small to medium size. Just recently had to lay down my fur baby of 11 1/2 years. My home is not the same without my dog. Where can I adopt one in the Catskill-Hudson New York area ?

  • Ireland Aldrich

    I have 2 dogs and 1 cat 4 bunnys and we would love a new comer we love dogs any one we love all my mom loves grate Danes but like I said we love all it would bring a smile to my face to give a shelter dog a home

  • Penny Roberts

    I’m trying to adopt ivy, the saint puppy.. I am a rescue, but I want her for my own.. My rescue is called on the wings of Bo … He was my first saint… I currently have 2 rescued saints that own me… I think ivy would fit right in… Large fenced yard, in the country… Please consider me for ivy…

  • Rosa

    Hi my name is Rosa Garcia I have a female german shepherd n looking for a great male german shepherd ,if not then another female wont hurt as long as it will not fight w my girl one her name is eve really want a male if possible !! Please contact me when u kno …thanks !!1-616-309-0074

  • Cathy Tolman

    How can I find out about the Toy black puppy in the 5 cuties puppy award. I love black dogs. I have a rescue Black Lab for 9 years now best dog ever

  • Riley Ellinwood

    I’m terning 13 soon and I have a seven year old dog I love what you people are doing ,my dog when we got him had a week left till they put him down.All dogs have a chance like mine and I wish that for every dog.please keep up on what your doing.#save every dog:-)

  • Frances

    I am very interested in the little white pom in Texas.. I have had 3 pom babies, one lived to 14 years, one to 1. Yrs, and one to 1. Yrs.. My 1. Yr old passed in 2012, October and I miss them terribably.. What do I need to get this little angel???

  • Marie Pascuite

    Would love to see more shows like this for all rescues and shelters then just maybe there would be no more kill the show and love love all the dogs and want them all but if I must pick one it would be the beagle.i’m in nj how do I get one.

  • Gale

    I have an adopted dog. I had just lost my mom, and then one of the dogs I had, decided she didn’t want my mom to travel alone, so she went with her. I was devastated to say the least. I did a search for party colored cocker spaniel puppies, and the search pulled up my Zoey in Gainesville, Tx. She was a puppy, she was 3 years old at the time. She had just been surrendered, and needed a home. She looked like a twin to the one I had just lost. The shelter did the surgery to spay her that morning, and a friend and I picked her up that afternoon. She has been the most awesome addition to my family. If I decide to add to my family again, I will go to the shelter first. These dogs are just amazing!

  • Karen Gates

    This show was fabulous. My hat’s off to Fox for doing this – they should do many, many more. I’m going to try and become a foster for the beagle rescue here in Tucson. I couldn’t stop crying. Just wonderful.

  • Nancy

    This was an absolutely wonderful program — maybe the best I’ve ever seen. It was very, very inspiring and so interesting — never a dull moment. I’m sure it made a huge difference as far as adoptions. Kudos to you for an outstanding program. Please, please consider doing it every Thanksgiving.
    So well done…


  • Marion Anderson

    I have been racking my brain trying to remember the slogan for the ILoveMyPitbull segment.nany chance someone can jog my memory please? I wish I had acreas and acres; I would gladly adopt all I could. Thank you for the miracles you do every day.

  • Judy Allen

    AMAZING and informative program …. 2 hours on prime time and so much information for folks who want to adopt and/or see all of the celebrities who have and work so hard to rescue and care for the MANY animals who need homes! Thank you Michael Levitt Productions and FOX for doing this….

  • C. Reilly

    I loved your show but I wish Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws had received some kind of a reward for all of his amazing rescues. He really needs the support and recognition for all he does. He is an amazing man,

    • Kathy

      Oh please. He’s a HUGE scammer. He collects a ton in donation money meant for the dogs, but he passes the caught dogs off to any number of rescues, who end up paying the dogs vet bills & finding them a home!!!

  • Kathy

    Can’t believe Hilary called EJ an “angel”. If she only knew where all those dogs he’s been driving up into Canada were really going. He is the devil. He doesn’t even transport anymore. He’s constantly begging for donations. Theif. Con artist. Dangerous.

  • Dave Ashforth

    Ii am hoping this is seen I filled outthe application for my girlfriens in regards to adopting the pom m I am trying to find information on this thanks for u time in advance

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