Woman ‘viciously’ mauled by dogs in Plainfield

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PLAINFIELD--A Canterbury woman remained in critical condition Thursday morning after police say she was "viciously" attacked by multiple dogs around 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Lynne Denning, 56, is a self-employed health care worker and was caring for an elderly woman at a home in Plainfield when the incident occurred.

"She had severe injuries to her face, shoulders, her arms and her legs," said Plainfield Police Chief Michael Surprenant. "One of the worst attacks that members of the Plainfield police and on the ambulance corps that we've seen in this area."

The dogs belong to Jenna Allen, 29, of Plainfield. She and another man were able to secure the animals while medics treated the victim. The attack happened in Allen's home. Police said the victim had interacted with the dogs on multiple occasions. She'd been working in Allen's home for about three months.

"[Denning]  is aware of the family, aware of the dogs, something took place today that we're not aware of yet," said Surprenant.

Police said they have responded to the home multiple times before for dog-related complaints. Neighbor Vincent Longo said three or four of those calls came from him. "Coming over on or porch, ripping our screen down, coming through and then biting my dog," Longo said.  "I think it was a thing coming because of what's happened in the past."

Police seized six dogs from the home, though Allen's sister, Brittany Allen, said only two of the dogs were involved in the attack. She said they were in heat.

"The dogs here are very well-kept. They're show dogs. We've gone through extensive amounts of expenses to keep them well-contained," Brittany Allen said.

Tricia Santos, a family friend of the Allens, also told Fox CT that the dogs are "loving" and "well-trained."

Police ordered all six dogs to be quarantined at the Plainfield Animal Shelter while they investigate this case. The dogs will stay there for at least two weeks, and some of them may be put down.

Brittany Allen called the situation a "tragic event."

"Our thoughts and prayers are here with Lynne. She's our main concern right now," she said. 

Fox CT reached out to Denning's family but did not hear back.

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  • Proud Pitbull Owner

    Why doesnt the headline say Woman ‘viciously’ mauled by “Rottweilers and a Labrador” in Plainfield….. If these were Pitbulls that I attacked, the header would say maluded by “PITBULLS” in Plainfield….. Where is the cry to ban all Rottweilers and Labradors??
    Sincerly, Proud Pitbull Owner

    • Proud Pitbull Owner

      Oops, Sorry for the above Typos
      Why doesn’t the headline say Woman ‘viciously’ mauled by “Rottweilers and a Labrador” in Plainfield….. If these were Pitbulls that attacked, the header would say mauled by “PITBULLS” in Plainfield….. Where is the cry to ban all Rottweilers and Labradors??

      • Suzanne

        Do petulant pit bull owners ever not complain? That’s the real question. Rottweilers are the number 2 canine killers after pit bulls. Having that many big, protective and potentially aggressive dogs in what sounds like a somewhat chaotic situation was a recipe for disaster. Prayers for a fast and thorough recovery Ms. Denning. God bless.

    • Proud Labrador Owner

      As far as I can tell the article makes it pretty clear they were Rottweilers, you know, the second most statistically dangerous dog (per capita), after pitbulls.

      As for the Labrador remark, please don’t try to compare a dog bred for retrieving fishing nets that gained popularity because fishermen found they were eager to play with kids after a day of work with a dog bred for fighting that gained popularity because they look tough.

  • Jessica

    How insensitive to turn this into a breed battle when this poor woman is fighting for her life. No one should have 6 dogs no matter what breed they are and certainly shouldn’t have 6 dogs that you cannot control. It is reckless and irresponsible to have so many. These dogs have a history of being viscous. The town on Plainfield should euthanize them now instead of letting them attack again.

  • John-Manuel Andriote

    So the dogs were in heat–meaning they aren’t spayed, meaning they are likely being kept to breed, meaning the owner is responsible. I spoke with someone VERY close to the situation–a nurse who cared for the woman at the hospital today–who said it would have been more merciful for the lady to have died than to endure the injuries she sustained from these dogs. We’re talking MAJOR injuries of the sort inflicted by the chimp a few years ago that tore off the woman’s lips and eyelids.

  • Karen

    Does anyone understand what the breeder industry is all about? It’s about selling dogs, even dangerous and aggressive dogs, and this is what the AKC supports. AKC champion dogs with obedience titles. It does not mean one thing. But the AKC opposes strict animal control laws and breeder licensing so breeders can make more. Everybody else pays the price. It is a tragedy that animal control and the town let this go on and didn’t intercede a long time ago, so this wouldn’t happen.

  • dayna gable

    Really tragic, and entirely avoidable. breeds like rotties, do not need to be allowed to pack up like that especially if intact. google the sabine davidson case. smh. careless, stupid owners.

  • Zac

    Is there a number we can call to protest this? These dogs don’t deserve to die because of one mistake, also it says only 2 of them were present at the time of attack so all 6 must die????

  • Trolls not Welcome

    I am so sick of people who know nothing about dogs talking like they are so experienced in animal behavior. ALL DOGS ARE BORN INHERENTLY GOOD! Pitbulls and Rotties and little itty bitty Yorkies. Stop blaming the damn breed and blame the people who own them. Idiots