Burglaries draw hundreds to Farmington Police Department

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FARMINGTON- More than 100 Farmington residents packed the police department Thursday night seeking answers about the growing number of burglaries in town.

Residents of the Farmington Highlands Community of about 380 homes–located off Route 4–have become increasingly concerned and the suspects, who remain on the loose.

“It’s legitimate that they’re concerned and they just want to make sure something’s being done,” said Dian Barnes.

Barnes, a Highlands resident, valued the strong attendance. “Anytime the community can be involved it’s great and it’s a good neighborhood to be a part of and you can tell by the turnout here tonight,” she said.

Nearly a dozen homes have been burglarized since June; in most cases the burglar entered through a rear window during the day.

Residents requested the meeting with police to ask them what they can do to help. “One is too many and there is an issue with some burglars that we are trying to capture,” said Police Chief Paul Melanson.

Police told residents that jewelry is the most targeted valuable.

They instructed homeowners to call them if they see any suspicious activity, even if it’s just someone out of the norm ringing their doorbell.

“We’re hoping that by giving information out, making sure that people are willing to call us with anything that’s out of the norm, that we are able to put an end to this,” said Melanson.

Residents Fox CT spoke with said they left feeling well-prepared and reassured, despite the potential threat.

“I thought they did a great job and I feel things will come out our way and hopefully the people will get caught and we can all just move on,” said resident Rob Ayer.

Farmington Police Contacts:

Det. Sean Bailey


email: baileyS@farmington-ct.org

Sgt. Ken Miller


email:  millerk@farmington-ct.org


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