Dog found in Meriden with elastic wrapped around snout

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MERIDEN – Police are investigating an animal cruelty case after a sick, malnourished Maltese/Poodle  mix was found with an elastic band wrapped around her snout, preventing  her from getting food.

A good Samaritan found the 1-year-old dog on State Street around 1 p.m. on Monday and immediately alerted the police.  The band had embedded itself into the dog’s flesh. Veterinarians think it was on there for about three weeks.


“We’re assuming maybe it was to stop her from barking or something like that, but since it had been on there for such a long period of time, it had compressed down on the skin and then had actually cut through her lip and upper nasal cavity,” said Dr. James St. Clair of Meriden Animal Hospital.

Snowflake, as she is nicknamed, has an infection and will need surgery. Despite her medical state, she is very friendly and docile.

St. Clair thinks she will be healed and ready for adoption by Christmas.

In the meantime, Meriden Animal Control needs help putting Snowflake’s abuser in the doghouse.

“Maybe they’ve seen the dog walking the street before or somebody knows someone who has a dog similar to this,” said Bryan Kline, a Meriden Animal Control officer. “It could actually be taken as a felony charge, if it was found this was done intentionally to the dog, which we believe it was.”

He and St. Clair call Snowflake one of the worst victims of animal cruelty they have seen. “It makes us sick,” said St. Clair. “How could anybody possibly, you know, do something to something that’s so innocent?”

Anyone who recognizes the dog is urged to call the Meriden Animal Control office at (203) 235-4179.

Kline said they are also looking for donations to fund Snowflake’s medicine and future surgery. More information and updates on Snowflake can be found on the Meriden Animal Control Facebook page. 

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