911 calls released after Plainfield dog attack left woman in critical condition

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PLAINFIELD – The investigation into the dog attack that left a woman in critical condition continued Thursday.

Plainfield police and animal control are looking at what led several dogs to attack a home-health aide Wednesday.

Lynne Denning, 56, is a self-employed health care worker and was caring for an elderly woman at a home in Plainfield when the incident occurred.

“She had severe injuries to her face, shoulders, her arms and her legs,” said Plainfield Police Chief Michael Surprenant yesterday. “One of the worst attacks that members of the Plainfield police and on the ambulance corps that we’ve seen in this area.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the victim. You can find it here.

The dogs belong to Jenna Allen, 29, of Plainfield. Fox CT obtained a copy of the 911 call.

Warning: the sound may be upsetting to some.

Denning remains in critical condition at Hartford Hospital. Police have visited the hospital, but have not been able to interview her.

All six dogs are currently being housed at the Plainfield Animal Control office. Police and animal control are working to determine if dogs were all properly licensed, and if they were up to date on vaccinations. The dogs could be put down depending on the outcome of the investigation.

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  • MomSays

    I really am at a loss after hearing that call. Truly dumbfounded!! Who cares what is in the dogs character at the moment?!?!?! You have a woman who’s “face is tore up” bleeding profusely in front of you!!!! I do have a question though– is it possible to put the dogs in a room & shut the door … Put them away somewhere, anywhere… So this poor woman can have ANY kind of attention or help she needs??!!! Being the only help this woman seems to have in the moment, you can hear the caller sweet talking the dogs, “come here babe,” then reacts to a prompt to help control bleeding by doing what seems like handing the woman a towel and saying, “Here Lynn, can you put this on your face?” Are you KIDDING me!!!!! Poor Lynn can be heard moaning that she thinks she is dying, the 911 operator is trying to talk to the caller, and the only one the caller can talk to is …. The DOGS!!!! Talk about disregard for another person!!!! Hearing that call made me want to vomit!

    • Valerie Proctor Davis

      If you have dogs attacking someone you bloody well need to be talking to the dogs and looking at the dogs. And it’s good if you can stay calm and not just redirect the attack to you. Whatever caused them to do this, at the moment of the attack you do what you can.

  • jack

    The owners are imbeciles.. To hear one of them trying to coax the dogs to “Come Here.” after the attack shows they have no business owning Rottweilers. My girlfriend has two attack trained male Rotties and they rarely growl without her permission.

  • KaD

    There needs to be a LIMIT on how many dogs any person can own without a special license and even more so with certain breeds. So from this crappy reporting I’m guessing the young woman who ‘owned’ these dogs lived with her elderly mother? This many dogs could have killed them both! No one ever thinks THEY are the ‘bad owner’ or that THEIR dog would ever hurt a fly. But statistics speak volumes and Rottweiler’s are the number TWO breed for fatal and severe disfiguring attacks. The dog owner should get STRICT LIABILITY for all the victims injuries and there should be NO question about whether dogs that kill or nearly kill people should be put down.

    • Miki Haas

      Shame on you as your ignorance and breed bias negates anything you may have to say. You lose all credibility when you chose to jump on the breed bias bandwagon. Far more home caregivers are attacked by small breed dogs, but that is neither here nor there as well. Pet owners are the culprits as the only bad breed are the humans who fail to protect their dogs and others from such assaults. I should not have even dignified your prejudice post with a response.

  • Miki Haas

    First and foremost, F$%&# the police for saying all should be euthanized. I think the owner should be charged as you don’t leave a pack of animals in an area where a family member is receiving care as they could easily misconstrue a moan from a patient or certain movements as endangering or hurting the patient. More home healthcare workers are attached by small dogs for just that reason. They Rotties most likely just wanted to stop the caregiver from what they perceived as her inflicting pain on the patient. If they were vicious and wanted to kill her she would be dead. F’ing stupid people and F’ing “let’s just kill them all” cops!