Popular Southington ‘Frozen’ holiday lights display shut down

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SOUTHINGTON --A popular holiday lights show at a Plantsville home has been shut down by the owner, according to a Facebook post on the LightsOnLovley page.

The home on Lovley Drive brought crowds of families to the residential area to see the 30-minute long show. The home owner, Howard Burke, synchronized the holiday lights to match up to festive songs, including "Frozen" (from the popular Disney movie) and "Wonderful Christmastime."

"We are sad to say that we have decided that last night was the last night for LightsOnLovley this year, going forward the lights will be dark. We delivered the last of the donations to Community Services this morning," the Facebook post says.

The homeowner says the show has already been reduced twice -- from a 7-song performance, to a 3-song show, to one looping song. But with all the interest in the show, it has become a major headache.

"It has just become too much stress and sleepless nights to continue on," the post says.

The homeowner said in previous posts last week that neighbors complained about the crowds and traffic in the area, which caused some problems.

"We [got] a vicious phone call from a nearby neighbor complaining that it took them 30 minutes to get into the neighborhood and that we should pull the plug on the show. That certainly knocks the Christmas spirit right out of you. We are sorry for the inconvenience this causes all our neighbors," the post says.

Burke worked with the police department to attempt to reroute traffic to ease the issue in the past few days, but issues persisted.

"For those out there planning to visit in the next few days, we apologize for shutting down early. I know many of you have made it a family tradition to visit the lights around this time, often bringing family and friends from out of state."

At this point, it is unclear if the tradition will continue in any fashion in 2015. The family says they may work with local organizations to find a better location.

The show was benefitting the Southington Community Services with donations.

The family suggests that those interested should continue to donate directly to the community service department, or local food banks.

"This time the needs of the few have won."

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