Cold weather can be dangerous, but also profitable

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NEW HAVEN--Like most cold weather cities, New Haven has set up shelters and warming centers for the homeless. But the Elm City is also expanding its reach this winter.

Mayor Toni Harp says the city is finding ways to create space for more beds in primary and overflow shelters. The city and local churches are also collaborating to create additional warming centers, if the need arises. Shelter availability and information can be provided by calling the Emergency Operations Center at 203-946-8221.

With temperatures expected to dip into the single digits by Wednesday, New Haven Police have been tasked with getting those in need to one of the following six designated warming centers, which are listed at the bottom of this page.

Those that know the whereabouts of someone who would benefit from these safe havens are urged to phone police at 203-946-6316 or the city's Emergency Operations Center.

Cold Weather Hot Business

There's nobody who appreciates a cold shoulder from Mother Nature more than a ski area. The temperatures in the teens have allowed New England’s southernmost ski area, Powder Ridge Mountain Park and Resort in Middlefield, to crank up its 75 snow machines 24 hours a day. They’re hoping to have all 20 trails covered with packed powder by late next week. But even temperatures in the 20s, as a opposed to the teens, could slow the snow-making process dramatically.

Powder Ridge CEO Sean Hayes says every minute 24,000 gallons of water can be turned into snow, if temperatures are below 20 degrees. That production drops to 8,000 gallons per minute if the mercury makes its way toward 30 degrees.

While cold is gold, it’s paramount at Powder Ridge that their customers are alerted to the dangers of over exposure.

“In our rental shop, in all of our ticketing areas, we really focus on signage, education and teaching our customers to dress in layers,” said Hayes, who also owns Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park in Portland.

It’s also important to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, which can lead to cramping and possibly hypothermic conditions. To reduce sweating, one Powder Ridge patron suggested spraying your feet with antiperspirant before putting socks on.

Here are the warming locations set up in New Haven:

  • New Haven Free Public Library Main Building is located at 133 Elm Street

Mon 10-8 | Tue 10-8 | Wed 10-8 | Thu 10-8 | Fri 10-5 | Sat 10-5 | Sun closed

  • Fair Haven Branch Library is located at 182 Grand Avenue

Mon 10-6 | Tue 10-6 | Wed Closed | Thu 12-8 | Fri Closed | Sat 10-5 | Sun closed

  • Mitchell Branch Library is located at 37 Harrison Street

Mon 12-8 | Tue Closed | Wed 10-6 | Thu 10-6 | Fri Closed | Sat 10-5 | Sun Closed

  • Stetson Branch Library is located at 200 Dixwell Avenue in the Dixwell Plaza

Mon 10-6 | Tue 10-6 | Wed 12-8 | Thu Closed | Fri Closed | Sat 10-5 | Sun Closed

  • Courtland Seymour Wilson Branch Library is located at 303 Washington Avenue

Mon Closed | Tue 12-8 | Wed 10-6 | Thu 10-6 | Fri Closed | Sat 10-5 | Sun Closed

  • New Haven Union Station is located at 50 Union Avenue

Open Daily 4:00 AM – 1:00 AM