‘Diamond Ruff’ hopes to sparkle on silver screen

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HARTFORD -- A bit of Hollywood is coming to Hartford. A movie five years in the making is finally hitting the silver screen. The indie film, called "Diamond Ruff," is mostly set in Hartford and will hit the Spotlight Theaters on Front Street on Thursday.

The feature-length film was written and produced by Hartford-based film maker Joe Young, and it's based on his 1997 book. "It's a homegrown movie," Young said. "The key producers are from Hartford so this is an exciting time."

diamond roughYoung shot most of the film in 2011 capturing scenes on Main Street, Pratt Street and the Connecticut Convention Center.

‘Diamond Ruff,’ filmed in Hartford, to premiere this week

The story follows the plight of Diamond Ruff, played by rap artist Fredo Starr, whose parents were killed when he was young. Diamond Ruff becomes a multi-millionaire con artist who is saved by a caring minister.

"The movie is thought provoking and it deals a bit with us looking at racism," Young said. "Everybody should watch it and be inspired."

Young also noted that he thinks other film makers should look to Hartford as a !BERNAT3039_01setting for future shoots. "I believe that Hartford can be a major hub for arts and entertainment, we want to do in Hartford what Tyler Perry did in Atlanta."

The film will be shown in limited release in Hartford, Manchester and Springfield, and there will be another red carpet premiere in Atlanta on Jan. 15. Young says "Diamond Ruff" will show up on video on demand services at the end of February.

For more on the movie, visit its official website here.