New security measures in place for Inauguration Day

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HARTFORD -- Connecticut National Guard members spent Tuesday ironing out the final details of the Armory's largest event in years: Gov. Dannel Malloy's swearing-in ceremony, which happens Wednesday afternoon.

"We've had several run-throughs, exercises, including a full dress rehearsal today," said Col. John T. Wiltse, who said the military coordinates each Inauguration Day. The planning process took more than a year, he said.

Wiltse doesn't anticipate any wrinkles,  but he does expect nearly 2,000 people to flood the room--but not until after they pass a new security checkpoint.

"This year, there will be increased security screening, basically the use of magnetometers," Wiltse said of two metal detectors set up on a different floor.

For Malloy's State of the State Address, to be given across the street at the Capitol, the public will go through a similar security procedure.

State Capitol Police are only allowing access at two entrances. Both are flanked with new metal detectors.

"They came in place late August, early September," said Scott Driscoll, Public Information Officer for the State Capitol Police. "We had them up and running and we've been working with them, getting all the employees used to our new security enhancement."

He said all hands are on deck for what will be the Capitol's busiest day with the new technology.

All 30 officers will report for duty, manning the metal detectors, patrolling the halls and more.

"We have security things in place that we're not going into detail on," said Driscoll.

After multiple drills, he and Wiltse are asking the public to practice common sense ahead of the inauguration.

"We have stopped weapons, knives, stuff that people just forgot they had. So, we're encouraging people don't forget that tomorrow because it won't be allowed in," said Driscoll.

"We're looking forward to a very smooth and very exciting ceremony for the state of Connecticut," said Wiltse.

Tune in tomorrow at to watch the inauguration starting at 1:30 p.m.