Smart home devices, futuristic cars and wearables debut at CES

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Meriden Schools Using Smart Devices

Techies, rev your engines! It’s officially time for the annual CES–Consumer Electronics Show–in Las Vegas.

This year is showing that the popular items are smart home devices, futuristic cars and wearables. Here are some of the highlights from day 1, in no particular order:

  1. Whirlpool has created a smart top-load washer and dryer that links to a mobile app and works with Nest systems. Similarly, LG has a smart washer and dryer system, but LG has taken it a step further with its Twin Wash. This new washing machine has a second drawer on the bottom so that you can run two separate loads at once–a delicate one and a normal one. This system also works with mobile push alerts.
  2. The latest in brewing is the iKettle Wi-Fi coffee machine. This coffee maker sends push alerts to your phone so that you don’t have to get out of bed until your morning cup is ready!
  3. Dacor IQ is mroe than just a smart stove and oven. The dual-fuel range has a large touch screen that links to iOS and Android for a variety of purposes, including the ability to download recipes right onto the oven’s screen and to remotely adjust settings.
  4. Kube will be your new best friend at football games. The tail-gating necessity is a beer cooler and Bluetooth music speaker all-in-one.
  5. You should have put a Ring on it, or at least you may want to buy yourself one. Ring lets you control smartphones with hand gestures–you can program up to 23 gestures to assign to tasks like turning the lights on or tweeting a photo.
  6. If you have a new baby at home then it’s time to upgrade the binkie. Pacif-i lets you monitor your baby’s temperature while they suck away.
  7. Do you feel bad leaving your pup at home all day? Now there’s a way to remotely communicate! Petcube is a monitoring camera that streams to your phone so that you can talk to your pet all day.
  8. The middle-aged folks out there will go gaga over this new device–the Hocoma Valedo is two wearables that monitor lower back health. The device also gives you exercises to improve your lower back.
  9. The bigger the better is the mantra for television companies, and Samsung just took it to a new level. The company showed off a new 105-inch bendable SUHD TV, which can go from flat to curved with the touch of a button. It’s already due out later this year.
  10. Dish TV isn’t happy with millennial forĀ dropping their subscriptions, but they may win back the hearts of some lost viewers. The company is releasing Sling Television in a few weeks. For $20 you can stream from several popular cable channels, such as ESPN, ESPN 2, ABC Family, TBS, CNN and more. You can also opt to pay $5 more per month for more kids’ channels or news channels, and you pay by the month, so feel free to end the service whenever with no penalty.
  11. You can’t go anywhere without a USB these days if you want to have all your data in your pocket. Well, we last saw a speed up with USB 3.0, and now there’s Type-C USB 3.1. This device can go in to the port either way, and it offers double the speed of its predecessor.
  12. If you’re a health nut and often get cold, then GlaGla Digitsole is for you. The shoe inserts can both track your activity and heat you up. The device works with iOS and Android, and it holds a six to nine hour charge using continuous heating.
  13. As for cars, both Mercedes and Audi debuted autonomous vehicles. Audi “drove” their car from San Francisco to Las Vegas for the show, and then used a smartwatch to call the car to the stage. Mercedes showed off its futuristic F 015 Luxury in Motion, which is essentially a driverless lounge.

We can’t wait to see what will be released tomorrow!