Gov. Malloy, wife, friends and supporters celebrate at Inaugural Ball

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HARTFORD--Colorful tablecloths, and elegant flowers, libation and delicious food.

The Convention Center Ballroom was transformed into a storybook gala to cap off a day of celebrations. Guests were greeted by members of the governor’s Foot Guard and escorted to their tables at the 2015 Inaugural Ball.

“It’s the tradition of the state, and I love that it carries on,” said guest Denise Order. Denise and her husband Richard are supporters of Gov. Malloy and attended the ball four years ago.  “We come for the dancing actually!” Richard said as they laughed.

And what would a ball be, without a grand entrance and a red carpet? It’s a treasured tradition put on for decades by members of the Foot Guard. Leaders in the state were led down the aisle one by one, anticipation building for the stars of the event.

Gov. Dannel Malloy and his wife, the first lady Cathy Malloy, walked into a celebration on this historic day in the state of Connecticut. He thanked supporters and congratulated all who took the oath of office Wednesday morning. “This is a night of celebration of getting to see one another spending some time," Malloy told the crowd.

And while everyone will dance the night away, some are preparing for what's ahead:  “Right after this all of us will take off the tuxedos and get back to the business of governing,” said Hartford City Council President Shawn Wooden.

The event was open to the public, and guests paid $200 per ticket to cover the cost of the ball--no taxpayer dollars were used for the event.