Eating more vegetables in the New Year at every meal

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Every year many make the resolution of eating more vegetables, but it’s often easier said than done. To help you get your fill (and stay full), Vegetarian Chef Cindi Avila discusses ways to eat more veggies at every meal.

Eating More Veggies at Breakfast: GO AVOCADO!

  • Easy morning fix for those with little time
  • Can be eaten on the go
  • Better option than butter, cream cheese, etc.
  • Avocado is a healthy fat
  • Paired with whole grain bread to keep one fuller, longer
  • Veggie toppings can be prepared the night before or even use leftover roasted veggies from dinner!

 Eating More Veggies at Lunch: Falafel to Stay Full

  • Made with wholesome chickpeas, falafel is a great pick for lunch
  • People think eating salad is best to eat healthier, but you often find yourself hungry a short while later
  • Get out of the deli meat rut, rethink your protein
  • Can make your own, but easier to buy pre-made from brands like Veggie Patch – just as healthy and many veggie-packed options
  • Pack whole wheat pita with falafel and layer in the veggies
  • Great for lunch bags
  • Can bring elements separately to work and assemble

 Eating More Veggies at Snack Time: Carrot Cookies

  • Who says veggies can’t be a sweat treat?
  • Basic elements of an oatmeal cookie, plus shredded carrots
  • Kids won’t even know they are eating veggies
  • Could even have these for breakfast

 Eating More Veggies at Dinner:  Be Full of Beans

  • Pasta gets a bad rep, but it’s a great vehicle for veggies
  • Veggies such as kale or spinach are powerhouses in terms of nutrients and they are easy to add in
  • Great protein from the beans and kale
  • This sauce is easy and fresh; it uses ingredients that are common around the house- lemon, white wine, veggie broth and olive oil

Chef Cindi Avila contributed to this story.