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HARTFORD - A full week into session, State Representative Aundre Bumgardner is still settling into his space at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

He is a republican representing the Groton and New London area.

Representative Bumgardner is on the Transportation, Education, and Finance Committees,

and he's doing this all at the ripe age of 20.

"People have been very open, and helpful," said Bumgardner, “I feel pretty well acquainted now."

He beat incumbent democrat Elissa Wright, by a mere 39 votes.

This articulate and intelligent young man put heart and sweat into his campaign, knocking on five thousand doors.

So what makes someone, so young, run for office?

"I got the bug at a very young age," said Bumgardner.

A telling sign of what would come?

When just a little boy, Bumgardner requested Abraham Lincoln on his birthday cake.

"He's a republican like me,” Bumgardner said through a smile.

Later on, he became involved in politics through internships and summer jobs.

"When a lot of my friends were going to summer camp and hanging out, I was making those phones calls in the office and going door to door for many other candidates."

As we talked, I noticed an American flag, and medals sitting above his desk.

"Those are my grandfather's medals.  He served in Vietnam.  He was a marine,” said Bumgardner.

Doctor Benjamin Quiles was also a pediatrician in the Navy.

"He passed away about four years ago, and I don't think I would be involved in politics if it wasn't for those dinner time chats or picking me up from school talking about Russia or the presidency,” said Bumgardner.

And now he’s bringing that inspiration to the State Capitol.

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