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A tabby cat saved a baby’s life after he was abandoned on the street

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OBNINSK, Russia–One little baby was rescued after being left for dead.

A long-haired tabby cat climbed into a box on the street in which a baby was left abandoned, and the cat kept the little boy warm, according to Yahoo! News UK & Ireland.

And it didn’t end there. The cat starting mewing to try and bring attention to the predicament. Luckily, Irinia Lavrova, 68, a local resident, went to throw out the trash and heard the cat.

Lavrova said the cat is a neighborhood cat that local residents look after; she’s named Masha.

The 3-month-old was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and was found to be healthy.

Here is a tweet with images of the baby, the cat and Lavrova: