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‘Backstrom’ premieres next week

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HARTFORD – The highly anticipated new crime drama premieres next Thursday, January 22 at 9 p.m., starring The Office veteran Rainn Wilson, and FOX has chosen a bold marketing method for the premiere.

Wilson plays Everett Backstrom, a self-destructive, irascible, and bigoted detective, or, as the promotional poster below so aptly puts, a “brilliant detective, total d*ck.”

Backstrom Key Art

So far this 2014-2015 season, FOX has been getting bolder with its shows and promotions, including  labeling Octavia Spencer’s character on Red Band Society as a “scary bitch” on key art.  After numerous RBS banners were pulled from local postings due to the offensive language, FOX prepared back-up art for Backstrom should complaints surface in regards to the ‘total dick’ reference.  The ads have been running since Monday, and so far, haven’t appeared to offend anyone.

Perhaps this is because Backstrom has been marketed as a highly offensive, yet entertaining drama, whereas Red Band Society  was a teen medical comedy-drama.  The latter doesn’t really work with offensive language, especially when some of the actors featured on the key art are under the age of fifteen.  Backstrom, on the other hand, welcomes the controversy, presenting Rainn Wilson in the most unflattering light possible, while still maintaining humor and delight.

So, prepare for an hour of offensive language, brilliant detective work, and a slew of sexist and bigoted comments by the one and only Det. Everett Backstrom, next Thursday.