Torrington police seize numerous drugs, large number of guns in raid

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TORRINGTON – Police seized a number of drugs and guns from a multi-family home on Smith Street after police entered with a search warrant Wednesday night looking for drugs.

Daniel Agosto, 37, a second-floor resident of the home, was arrested on drug and weapons charges after a lengthy investigation uncovered Agosto sold cocaine and crack cocaine within the city, according to police.

They also found evidence of heroin sales from that location.

Neighbor Jim martin had his suspicions, as he frequently saw cars pull up to the home late at night. “There was always people that were suspicious,” said Jim Martin.

In addition to finding more than 60 grams of crack and pure cocaine and more than $2,500 in cash at Agosto’s home,  detectives also found 14 weapons, including seven high powered riffles and shotguns and 41 high capacity magazine clips.

“Finding this amount of ammunition and weapons and stuff, it was surprising,” said Torrington Police Lt. Bart Barown.

One Torrington resident who lives nearby didn’t expect police to recover a large amount of guns from the home. “I  had no idea, I thought it was just drugs,” said Dave Jasmin.

Agosto was arrested and  arraigned in Bantam Superior Court Thursday morning and has a history of convictions in New York State, including a felony conviction.

Torrington Mayor Elinor Carbone commended her department for the arrest and the length of time spent on the investigation.

“I think the strong message that it sends is Torrington will not tolerate this kind of activity in the city of Torrington,” said Carbone.