Victim pulled out of bed, tied up, robbed in Colchester home invasion

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A home invasion happened at this residence on Sunday, Jan. 18, 20154, police said.

COLCHESTER — A man was pulled out of bed, beat up, tied up, and robbed early Sunday morning, Colchester police said.

It happened at an apartment building on Main Street.

Around 5 a.m., police say two men pulled the 20-year-old man out of bed and yelled, “Give me everything you got.”

One of the masked men was armed with a knife, police said.

After he gave them money, they duct taped his wrists, officers said.

Detectives said a small amount of marijuana in the house was also taken.

The victim was thrown to the ground and hit in the head several times, officials said.

Detectives brought him to the Marlborough Clinic for treatment.

Police describe the two suspects as 5-feet 9-inches to 6-feet 1-inch tall with small to medium builds. Police said they are believed to be white males, wearing black or dark colored clothing and jeans. One was wearing dark colored “skate” shoes.

Police are continuing to investigate this case.

Anyone with information is asked to contact State Police at (860) 465-5400.

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