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Wendy’s removes soda option for kids meals

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Compression shorts and leggings have been a hot item at gyms for a while, however, a series of recent studies say they ofdten  don’t work as advertised.

Compression stockings claim to increase circulation, prevent-post workout soreness and improve performance, but one of those studies found no difference in 16 distance runners.  Neither their efficiency nor their biomechanics changed, regardless of whether or not they were wearing the stockings.

Similiar studies proved similar results for compression shorts as well.

  Source: Nytimes.com  

  Source: Ncbi.nlm.nih.gov


If you’re having trouble remembering things, you may want to close your eyes.

Psychologists from the University of Surrey, in England, say that shutting your eyes eliminates distractions and frees up brain power.   They asked 200 men and women a series of questions about short films they had seen, and people who closed their eyes correctly answered 71 percent of the questions.

Source: Medicaldaily.com   

  Source: Eurekalert.org 


Wendy’s is the latest fast-food chain to remove soda options from kid’s meal menus.

Parents will no longer see soda as an option on the menu.  Instead, they’ll see other, healthier choices, like milk, bottled water and juice.  However, parents can still buy soda for their children if they wish…

Starting this year, McDonald’s will stop showing soda on the kid’s menu.  Subway, Chipotle, Arby’s, and Panera do not include soda as the default option in combo meals for children.

 Source: Cspinet.org   

 Source: Foxnews.com  

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