Officials may remove registrars after Hartford election issues: Report

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HARTFORD — The Hartford City Council will move forward to remove its registrars following the Nov. 4, 2014 election day errors, according to a report.

Council members said they will file a resolution on Wednesday that would begin the process, The Hartford Courant reported.

If approved by seven of the nine city council members, Democrat Olga Vazquez, Urania Petit, a Working Families Party member, and Republica Sheila Hal would all be gone.

After a committee investigated the election day problems by hearing testimony, interviewing witnesses, and going through thousands of election day documents, the results are still blurry, but the committee is clear about holding those accountable for their errors.

The committee that’s investigating said that the problems were caused by human error and incompetence. The committee will also make recommendations going forward about what changes can be made.

It is even looking at rewriting state legislation to change the number of registrars from three to one. That is one of the options.

The council could vote on the issue as soon as Monday, if they approve the resolution the plan for reelecting new registrars needs to be determined.

On Election Day, at least 10 polling places reported problems–some didn’t have voter lists. Absentee voters were crossed off lists to prevent people from voting twice, but many didn’t get to vote at all. It has been almost three months since, there is still no official tally from election day in Hartford.

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