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Blizzard blasts Norwich through Tuesday night

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NORWICH -- Snow continued to fall and wind continued to blow in Norwich through Tuesday night. By 10 p.m., more than 2 feet stuck.

Norwich Public Utilities reported no problems with its power, water or gas  systems.

The issue with the blizzard in the town was digging out from large snow drifts.

"This is probably my third time out today," said David Bellinghiri of his shoveling. "Just to give my back a break and my arms a break. I'm not as young as  I used to be."

Public Works kept the main roads clear enough into the night, but between their cargo and the wind, private plow drivers had a booked schedule.

"So much snow. No place to put it," said Charlie Stedman, who spent Tuesday driving his pick-up with a plow attached. He estimated he'd be out until 2 or 3 in the morning.

"I hope that, hope that nobody gets hurt. That's the thing, because this is, it's not a heavy snow, but it's a lot of it," said Stedman.

Some tried to get a handle on their load earlier on Tuesday, but ran into a few bumps. Mounds of snow covered cars, sidewalks, yards and driveways.

"Right now, I'm just trying to clear out my garage, so I can get my good shovel, haha," said Brandon Lisee of Norwich. "So I can clear off the deck and some spots for the dogs to get outside."

City crews plan to move some of the bigger snow piles on Wednesday.

Bellinghiri, a teacher, plans to get back at it then, too. "We're out of school again tomorrow, so I'll have tomorrow to dig some more," he said.

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