Charlie Sheen’s return to ‘Two and a Half Men’ just became a lot more likely

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HARTFORD – Two and a Half Men may be ending its series with three men: Jon Cryer, Ashton Kutcher, and the infamous Charlie Sheen.

This may seem shocking, considering the bad blood between Sheen and creator Chuck Lorre which ended the actor’s run on the CBS series in 2011, but a source on the show says that “They made their peace awhile ago.”  In fact, at the TCA winter press tour, Lorre told reporters, “It would be inappropriate to not acknowledge the extraordinary success we had with Charlie, and how grateful I am — we all are – for his contributions. There is nothing but great feelings for the eight-and-a-half years we worked together. But how to wrap the show up? It’s tricky…Because, in a way, the show morphed into something else entirely for the last four years, and its something we love. And we want to honor both. How to honor both is the challenge of this finale.”

There have been rumblings of this from both sides for the last year, so Lorre’s speech didn’t come as a huge surprise.  Since then, however, a lot of fans have seemed to settle on the idea that a Sheen return was not plausible, however, a source on the show has said that recently, “Chuck has offered Charlie the opportunity to return for the series finale of the show, and both sides are talking about making it happen.”

The insider added, “No decisions has been made, and Charlie wants to be comfortable with what the plans are for his role.” However, since we already know Charlie Sheen is eager to return, it seems that with this new development, the Two and a Half Men may get the goodbye it deserves.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how the star will be brought back to the series after he was killed off in a “meat explosion after being struck by a train in the Paris subway.”  If Charlie Sheen is brought back, how do you think they will do it?

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