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National Guard responds to Stonington to help with snow removal

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STONINGTON--Eastern Connecticut was hit hard by the snow storm, and some towns are having trouble digging out.

While the National Guard has been on standby throughout the storm, they haven't necessarily had a lot to do.

During his noon press conference, Gov. Dan Malloy said that 400 guardsmen had been called to be on standby throughout the state for rescue and emergency response, if required. However, he said that it was clear at that point--around noon--that there was no longer a need for them to remain on standby in parts of the state.

Instead, Malloy said, some would respond to hard-hit areas like New London and Pomfret to help with snow removal, while a portion of the force would be reduced.

About 10 guardsmen were sent to Stonington to assist with cleanup and snow removal.

Also, the city of Bridgeport sent four of its snow trucks and a road foreman to New London to assist with that city's clean-up efforts.

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