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New London buckles down to clean up nearly 2 feet of snow

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NEW LONDON -- City employees spent Tuesday navigating a citywide clean-up while the blizzard of 2015 continued to pour down snow and crippling wind.
"We will be able to clear the main arteries and then get to the side streets and dig everybody out. And that makes this a 24- to 48-hour operation instead of a week long operation," New London Mayor Daryl Finizio said.
Finizio said all 13 city plows worked non-stop since 5 a.m. Monday, battling the roughly 20 inches of accumulation. By the evening on Tuesday, four plows from Bridgeport were headed to the Whaling City to assist.
"We are happy to help our neighbors in New London. We prepared for the worst, and hoped for the best," Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch said in a news release.
Finizio said most emergencies were avoided in the city because residents heeded the state-wide travel ban during the storm. That allowed ambulances to respond in a few critical emergencies.
"We have had a couple of serious critical cases where people needed to be transported to the hospital. And we had a woman go into labor and we had her water break so we had to get her to the hospital," Finizio said.
Late Tuesday, Finizio still urged residents to stay inside and off the streets, mentioning in a Facebook post that it could take some time to clear minor roads and that some driveways could be temporarily blocked by snow.
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