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NEW HAVEN -- People vacated the streets of New Haven on Monday as 2015's first blizzard moved in.

Mayor Toni Harp ordered cars to be parked in alternate spots until Thursday. Drivers were encouraged to use New Haven Public School and city parking lots.

Parking at the Granite Square garage was free. The Temple Street Garage offered a reduced rate of $3 a day, which was worth it to Jose Gomez, a New Haven resident. "This year I have a new car so I'm making payments so I got to make sure that everything’s going to go good, nothing’s bad going to happen and it’s like, in a safe place," said Gomez who said he was afraid of getting dinged with a snow plow. Gomez had to walk home from the garage.

He wasn't the only one outside for an extended period of time.

Xiolin McKenzie was strolling around with a shovel, looking for work. "The first thing I do is ask, 'Well listen, allow me to shovel your snow and I'll give you a good price.' If it’s elderly person, I’ll give them a lower price," McKenzie said.  "I'm hoping for a lot of snow because that means money."

Snow coated city roads shortly after Gov. Dan Malloy's travel ban went into effect at 9 p.m.

Some illegally ventured out, but most vehicles on the roads were plows.

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