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Yetis and snow ghosts take over Boston during blizzard 2015

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BOSTON–Blizzard 2015 may have slammed New England overnight, but some Bostonians wouldn’t let a little snow get the best of their humor.

Two Twitter accounts popped up overnight, much in the vein of the the Bronx Zoo Cobra account created in March 2011 when a snake escaped from the Bronx Zoo.

The two accounts were @BostonYeti2015, which launched around 11 p.m. on Monday night, and @2015Snowst, which was created around 2 a.m.

People roaming the streets of Beantown during the storm sent pictures with spottings of the Boston Yeti and the Snowst–or snow ghost–around town, getting in the spirit of the whole thing.

The Yeti’s goal seemed to be to instill “fear” in the residents of the Somerville section of town.

He then seemed to want to hightail it out of town, but it doesn’t seem he got very far.

Meanwhile, the Snowst was originally just looking to help out in Brighton…

But then he got a bit greedy and wanted some treats in return:

He also stopped by for a quick drink. Do you think snow ghosts can get tipsy?

We’ll have to wait and see if these accounts can stay active for four years like the Bronx Zoo Cobra did.

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