IKEA to introduce vegan meatballs

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SWEDEN-  Vegans rejoice, no longer will you have to suffer hunger pains while shopping at the world’s largest furniture store. IKEA, the Swedish furniture giant, has announced their new plans to produce vegan veggie balls, an alternative to their ever popular beef and pork meatballs, (sans the horse meat).

Last April, IKEA originally announced the veggie balls as an “Eco-friendly green version” of the popular dish to help cut carbon emissions and the climate change. Ever since then, PETA has been hard at work to convince the Swedish company to make the veggie balls vegan, completely free of any an animal by-products.

In a statement  IKEA wrote, “One of the exciting new products is a veggie ball which will be launched in our stores from April and onwards. The veggie ball does not have any animal content and is therefore also suitable for vegans.”

PETA is claiming victory, that  “offering vegan foods would ensure that all customers leave the store satisfied.”

The new product hits stores this April.