Is City Steam’s most popular beer offensive?

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HARTFORD – Last week, New England Brewing Co. agreed to rename one of their beers following complaints that it was offensive. The Woodbridge-based company announced it’s India pale ale Gandhi-Bot will no longer use the name and likeness of Mohandas Gandhi. They are now working on re-branding the beer.

Now, a letter to the editor in The Hartford Courant is asserting that City Steam‘s beer “The Naughty Nurse” is offensive and should also be changed.  Cora Ekwurtzel of Granby writes “The reality is that nurses are educated, smart, hardworking people who have made the courageous decision to choose and persist in a caring profession.” She argues that the downtown Hartford company doesn’t have a brew insulting lawyers or teachers, so why nurses?

“It’s past time to drop the archaic and insulting name,” Ekwurtzel writes.

Read the entire letter to the editor here.

City Steam recently settled a legal dispute with Anchor Steam Brewing Company. They will soon change the labels on their beer bottles to CitySteam, one word, but the restaurant will retain its name, with the space.

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