New London Schools to remain closed on Friday for fourth snow day

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This is a photo of eagle point apartments in New London, Connecticut

NEW LONDON–Kids are jumping for joy on the coast after New London Public Schools announced a fourth snow day for Friday.

While most of the state has dug out from the blizzard earlier this week, some of eastern Connecticut is still struggling to clear the roads.

The communications manager of the New London Public Schools, Julianne Hanckel, said that students will have to make up the fourth day because the state requires that students attend 180 days of school in a year.

The extra day will be added to the end of the year, meaning that June 11 will now be the district’s last day of school. The other option was to take a day from an upcoming vacation, which the district considered. If there is another snow day, the district would evaluate if it makes more sense to push the end of the year back another day or take a day from a vacation.

Hanckel said the schools will be closed because the janitors, as well as city workers, are still clearing¬†sidewalks and trying to make the roads safe. Currently, the sidewalks aren’t all clear, and there are snow banks on corners that are taller than some of the students, which would impede the line of sight for students who walk to school and need to cross the street.

Hanckel also said that the roads aren’t all passable for buses at this time.