Surprise! Sneaky photo shoot captures man’s reaction to baby news

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TEXAS — A woman captures her husband’s heartwarming reaction to news that she is pregnant in a sneaky photo shoot that’s turned thousands of people into mush.

Photographer Kendra Swalls, of Paisley Layne Photography, tells and shows the whole story in a blog on her website that’s been ‘liked’ through Facebook by more than 200,000 people.

Swalls said she shot a pre-wedding session with the couple, Camille and Kyle, and when Camille later became pregnant, they immediately put their creative plan into action. They set up a session under the rouse of taking photos for Camille’s and Kyle’s first Christmas together.

About halfway through the session, Kendra asked the two to write a sweet note to the other on a piece of paper. Camille wrote, “We’re having a baby!”

“I placed them back to back, counted to 3 and waited for the reaction. It was the most perfect reaction! I am so excited for this adorable couple and can’t wait to capture more priceless moments in their life,” Kendra writes in her blog.

Click through the photo gallery above to watch it all unfold, and check out Kendra’s Facebook page by clicking here.

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