Opening statements in Aaron Hernandez trial quite telling

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FALL RIVER, Mass.--Opening statements in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial previewed what we can expect to hear and see in the case.

Hernandez's attorney, Michael Fee, claimed detectives and prosecutors targeted Hernandez as Odin Lloyd's killer because the former New England Patriots star was a celebrity.

Fee also argued Hernandez had no motive to kill Lloyd.  "Ladies and gentlemen, in June of 2013, Aaron Hernandez was planning a future, not a murder," Fee said.

The prosecution told a much different story, outlining Hernandez's whereabouts before and after Lloyd's murder through several surveillance video clips.

Bristol County Assistant District Attorney, Patrick Bomberg, also revealed that DNA taken from a marijuana joint found by Lloyd's body was consistent with Hernandez's DNA.

There was also a bullet shell casing found in the rental car, which Bomberg said brought Lloyd to the industrial area where he was shot six times.

"It’s a .45 shell casing, it too was swabbed for DNA, the DNA on the shell casing is consistent with the defendant's," Bomberg said.

After opening statements, the young jogger who found Lloyd's body, Matthew Kent, 17, took the stand to testify.