The Patriots aren’t the favorite team of every New England town

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Do you live in the most Patriot-ic town?

Estately, a real estate blog, used Facebook likes to determine where the greatest number of Patriots fans are concentrated. Apparently, Warwick, Rhode Island has the highest percentage of Patriots fans living within its borders–29.73 percent of Facebook users who identify as living there also expressed interest in the team.

Foxbourough, home to Gillette Stadium where the Patriots play, didn’t even make the top 40 towns.

As for Connecticut’s representation, the highest ranked town is Bristol–11 percent of residents are Pats fans. Bristol comes in at 27th place. The bottom 12 spots on the list all belong to Connecticut towns (see the list at the bottom).

Only Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut were represented on the list; there are six states in New England, including Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. However, when Estately looked at the rankings based on states as a whole, Rhode Island still came in first with 23.67 percent of residents liking the team, followed by New Hampshire (22.68 percent), Massachusetts (20 percent), Maine (19.27 percent), Vermont (10.5 percent) and Connecticut (7.4 percent).

For the full list visit Estately.

28. New Britain (10 percent)

29. Meriden (8.64 percent)

30. West Hartford (8.57 percent)

31. Hartford (8.35 percent)

32. Waterbury (7.18 percent)

33. Hamden (6.62 percent)

34. Fairfield (5.45 percent)

35. New Haven (5.35 percent)

36. Bridgeport (5.18 percent)

37. Danbury (4.06 percent)

38. Norwalk (4 percent)

39. Stamford (3.33 percent)

40. Greenwich (2.78 percent).