Cities work hard to clear snow

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WATERBURY--  People from all over Connecticut are ready for the storm.

The snow storm could dump around 6-12 inches onto the Western part of the state,  more than what fell in some parts during last week's storm.

"It sounds like a lot, even if it's 5 inches, we already  have quite a bit on the ground right now,I don't think we need anymore," said Ricardo Smith, Waterbury.

All available Connecticut Department of Transportation trucks are on standby, compromised of 632 DOT trucks and 200 contractors, according to Department of Transportation Spokesperson Kevin Nursick.

The city of Waterbury Public Works Department has 96 plow trucks and pieces of equipment on-standby to dispense more than 1,000 tons of a  sand/salt mixture onto city streets.

Waterbury could see some of the largest snowfall totals of any major city in Connecticut, but crews say they are ready.

"This is a normal snow operation for the city of Waterbury. Anywhere from 2-4 inches or 4-8 inches up to 15 inches, almost  normal operations," said David Simpson,  Waterbury's deputy director of  Public Works.

Outside this groceries store in the city, people like  Noimalis Cruz are preparing to be snowed in, shopping for all those essentials before the snow comes.

"Definitely Rice, cereal, milk, bread for the girls, definitely for today and tomorrow." Cruz said.

Waterbury Public Schools and school systems across the state already announced cancellations Sunday.

Forecasters are predicting heavy snow Monday morning, and  by mid-day around a half of inch of sleet and ice.

The Home Depot  in Waterbury  saw it's supply of ice nearly depleted as people look to stay ahead of this storm.  Waterbury resident Juan Lugo bought multiple bags of salt, enough to melt ice around the two family home he maintains as a property manager.

"Yeah, that complicates it, that makes everything slippery and everything else but all in all, I'm ready." said Lugo.