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MasterChef judge makes diners sign waiver at restaurant

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Ross Katsambanis, The Daily Mail

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA- Imagine, after stuffing yourself silly at a fancy restaurant, taking home the leftovers  (after how much you paid for that steak?) is a fairly normal practice. Not according Chef George Calambaris, a judge for MasterChef Australia.

When asked to take home leftovers in a doggy bag, the waiter complies, as long as a waiver is signed. The Daily Mail is reporting that the high-profile chef doesn’t want his Hellenic Public restaurants to be held responsible if you subsequently get sick later on when re-heating the food.

Apparently the restaurant industry in Australia has been targeted with these types of lawsuits before, and the owners are only trying to take precautions. In an interview with The Daily Mail, Lauren Calleja, spokeswoman for MAdE Establishments – which operates prestigious restaurants such as the Hellenic Republic, said it is all about the customer. “We don’t really know how they’re going to store the food, It’s kind of out of our hands what the customer does for it after they leave the venue.”

One diner thought the whole thing was “bizarre” and that all he wanted to do was “take it home and eat it.”

Bizarre indeed.

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