Girl Scout, 9, shot while selling cookies

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INDIANAPOLIS — A Girl Scout was shot and hurt while going out to sell cookies in Indianapolis this week.

The 9-year-old was walking out of an apartment building Tuesday to sell cookies with her sister, when an SUV pulled up and someone in the vehicle started shooting.

Sinai Miller was shot in the leg, but the bullet missed a bone and artery, police said.

Miller’s mother, Shanita Miller, was just inside that apartment building, putting on her younger sister’s coat, when she heard the shots ring out.

“She came in screaming ‘mommy mommy. It hurt. It hurt.’ And I’m like what hurt? What’s wrong?” her mother told WTTV. “So when I pulled her pant leg up, that’s when I discovered she was shot.”

Sinai cried in pain before she was taken to the hospital.

“I heard three gunshots and then one of them hit me in the leg,” Sinai says.

She was released from the hospital Tuesday night and is now at home. She’s recovering and in good spirits now, her mother’s boyfriend said.

Sinai’s Girl Scout Troop leader brought her get well presents from her troop. The Girl Scouts have setup a page where you can help Sinai sell Girl Scout Cookies or send her a letter.

Police are looking for suspects.